Traveling to Portland


We will cover your flights directly through a travel agent at Direct Travel. Please visit the Travel page for more details.

If you have already purchased your flights, we will still reimburse you! Please see the information below.

The price of an economy flight or economy train fare will be reimbursed to you. If you are driving from 50+ miles away, mileage will be reimbursed.  

In order to receive reimbursement for your flight you must provide: 

  • A receipt showing your form of payment
  • Your itinerary

If you would like to spend more time in Portland, and the flight isn’t any additional expense than an economy flight on the conference dates, you may stay additional days and the flight will still be reimbursed. Please note, any extra hotel days will be at your own expense. 

For local participants, in order to receive reimbursement for mileage you must provide: 

  • A map (ie google maps, apple maps, etc.) showing the mileage you will be driving to get from your house or university to the conference.
  • If you are traveling by train, please provide a receipt showing your form of payment and a copy of your ticket showing the itinerary. 

We will pay directly for...


  • Travel: Please visit our travel page for details on how we can book your flights directly - no out of pocket costs this year!
  • Hotel: We will reserve your hotel room for you and cover the cost of Friday and Saturday night. Any additional days beyond the conference dates will be at your own expense. If you are extending your days, let us know and we'll reserve the room for those days.  The conference rate will apply for the day before and after the conference.  We make the reservation and then you self-pay when you get here.  The rate is $175 + taxes and fees. 
  • Transportation to the Hotel and Airport: We will provide you with a code to use with Lyft for transportation from the Portland Airport to the hotel and from the hotel to the airport. You are responsible for any other ground transportation including transportation around Portland and transportation from your home to your “home” airport. EXCEPTION: If you must travel 50+ miles to reach your "home" airport, we will reimburse you for mileage. A map (ie google maps, apple maps, etc.) showing the mileage you will be driving to get to the airport is required for reimbursement.
  • Meals: WRNC will provide a reception (heavy appetizers) on Friday, breakfast and lunch on Saturday, and breakfast on Sunday.  All other meals are your own responsibility. See the "Portland" tab of this website for restaurant ideas.